The aspect of safety in the workplace is of fundamental importance within our company.
As required by Article 17 paragraph 1 letter a) and Article 28 of Legislative Decree 81/08, the Risk Assessment Document (DVR) was drawn up, where all the risks relating to the tasks were identified present in our Company and as a result of their evaluation, activated all measures to prevent and protect the work of the workers present.
For companies that can carry out activities within our company for tenders or works or supply contracts, the DUVRI (Single Document for the Evaluation of Interfering Risks) will be delivered, a document drawn up by the client, aimed at reducing the interference risks, if the same risks cannot be managed differently, in order to inform the company and / or the self-employed worker about any risks present in the work environment / department / sector in which it will operate (eg chemical risk, noise risk, fire risk, etc.).
Interventions in the various construction sites regulated by tender contracts are managed with the application of Article 26 of Legislative Decree 81/08, in order to cooperate with the Client company in the implementation of risk prevention and protection measures on the job accidents on the work subject of the contract, and coordinate the protection and prevention interventions against the risks to which the workers are exposed, informing each other also in order to eliminate the risks due to the interferences between the works of the different companies involved in the execution of the overall work.
Before the start of each new intervention at other sites, each team is trained, informed and trained about the risks identified by the Customer; they are equipped with appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) also in function of the work performed, described in the POS (Safety Operating Plan) elaborated by the Employer in Collaboration with our RSPP.