It was the 1960s and Marcello Capelli decided to create a workshop for the production of metal carpentry and industrial plants. The Po bathes an area of ​​great industriousness and the workshop grows!
It was the 1980s and the needs of an expanding market, looking for technologically more advanced products for an even wider area, led to the establishment of Cos.Mo Italia.
It was the 2000s and Cos.Mo is still updated: the market evolves with new challenges; the ability to grasp, through a careful analysis of the methods, through the personalization of the strategies, through the adaptation to the new rules, is imposed.
At the threshold of 2020 we are ready to further improve, to design and create products and services able to guarantee total reliability for our customers.
Our secret? Strongly believe in the made in Italy, in the excellence of our studies, of our materials, of our practical sense. In our passion.